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TinyURL.MyCyberBase is a Professional Link Shortening Platform. Here we will provide you most advance url shortening method that can help you to increase your bussiness sales and traffic.. We're dedicated to providing you the best of tools, with a focus on dependability and urlshortening, link shortening. We're working to turn our passion for Tools into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Tools as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Some stupendous Features

Bio Profile Generator

induce beautiful memoir biographies, partake a single link and examiner business. Add contraptions and links to social media regard and customize memoir biographies with stunning colors.

Custom QR creator

induce unique QR canons and partake them with the public. Use different types of QR canons, customize colors, add your totem, choose from different shapes and track reviews.

Software as a Service( SaaS)

With the extended license, the script turns into a SaaS platform and automatically manages all payments through Stripe, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Team point

The new platoon point allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a platoon. This is perfect for collaboration!

Custom Domain

The script supports custom disciplines for both druggies and the admin How ever, they can just add it and start using it, If your druggies want to use their own sphere. The admin can also add redundant disciplines for guests to use. This is perfect if you do n’t want guests to use your main sphere name.

juggernauts & Link Rotator

The crusade point allows you to regroup some links and will induce you a special link where you'll be suitable to shoot that to people. That special link will allow them to see all links in the crusade and use them. juggernauts also summations statistics for all links in that crusade.

Splash & Overlay Pages

Script now automatically creates devoted runner for media URLs similar as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc( View Demo). druggies can now produce a custom splash runner and this can be a paid point. colorful CTA popups are also available as overlays.

Geotargeting & Device Targeting System

druggies can choose to deflect callers to a different runner using their position grounded on both the country and the state or their device. This option can be impaired from the admin panel or per plan.

Custom Parameters & UTMs

stoner can add custom parameters like chapter markers or use the system to add UTMs.

Pixel Tracking

stoner can add from over 15 provides including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Advertisements, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and much further.

Slack, WordPress & Zapier Integrations

Setup Slack and allow your druggies to dock links directly from Slack using custom commands! Your druggies can setup Zapier and the script will notify Zapier when a new link has been docked or when someone clicks a link! The script also includes a wordpress plugin for your guests so they can fluently use the platform to dock links.

Private Service

Are you looking to use this script for your own purpose? No problem. Just enable the private option in the admin panel and only you and all the accounts you only will produce will be suitable to pierce the point and use the features.

Anonymous stoner History

Anonymous druggies can now keep track of their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can fluently be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

Social Logins

stoner can now presently login using their Facebook, Twitter or Google account.


Easy Translation

You can fluently restate this script to any language you want by using the erected- in language director. produce a new restatement, edit old bones or indeed deleted them with a click of a button. Everything is now automated meaning that languages will be added to the menu right down.

Advanced API System

important API system requires druggies to authenticate using a unique API key associated to them upon enrollment . All URLs generated by a registered stoner get automatically saved on their account.

URL confirmation & reCaptcha Plugin

expansive confirmation and URL filtering- system gives you the peace of mind. Several options are erected- in to automatically disable “ unhappy ” URLs or sphere names( including tlds) from being reused by the system. The script also comes reCaptcha and SolveMediaCaptcha.However, the Captcha system will only be shown to anonymous druggies( druggies not registered), If enabled.
Full- Featured Administration Panel

important administration panel gives you total control on your website. It gives you the capability to manage URLs, druggies and custom runners. You can also control all of the features from the admin panel by enabling or disabling them with a click of a button. You can control announcement, colorful Captcha Systems, Frame, API System, stoner Registration, URL Filtration, Themes and conservation and further.

Responsive Template with 3 Schemes including Dark Mode with erected- in Template Editor

The dereliction theme comes with 3 schemes( dereliction, light and dark). You can fluently edit the layout and the theme to fit your need with the new in- script editor. The script now supports child themes allowing you to fluently customize the theme without fussing about updates overwriting them.

Quick & Easy Installer

important, quick and easy installer sets up your website in a nanosecond. You do n’t need to go through the hassle of jilting SQL lines and editing PHP lines. It provides a step by step installation of this software.



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